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Women's Scarves and Silk Accessories

An exquisite gift, a collectible art piece, a stylish accessory... Shanghai Tang's silk foulards and scarves are a revered part of our brand heritage. Our silk scarves are crafted from the finest mulberry silk and detailed with artistic prints and Chinese-inspired icons that give meaning to every design.

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    About Shanghai Tang Women’s Scarves and Silk Accessories

    Try naming one accessory that is ultra versatile and can be worn in more ways than anything else in the wardrobe. For us, it's scarves.

    Shanghai Tang's silk scarves and silk foulards have long been our bestselling favourites, coveted by fashionistas, scarves collectors and the everyday wearer alike. The silk scarves are crafted from mulberry silk of exceptional quality offering the softest and silkiest texture and a perfect canvas to carry our signature vibrant prints and patterns. Often revered as 'wearable art', Shanghai Tang's silk foulards are indeed true artwork on pure silk, bearing iconic Chinese imagery such as flowers and plants, legendary creatures which symbolise good luck, cultural artefacts such as ceramics and architecture, as well as Chinese icons and symbols. We've even created playful, modern renditions of storied Chinese myths. Try this 'Hide & Seek' Chinese Zodiac Print Silk Scarf which features the 12 Chinese zodiac animals engaged in a playful game of hide-and-seek!

    A memorable gift, a versatile accessory, a collectible piece, Shanghai Tang's silk scarves not only come in a variety of colours, prints and designs, they're also ultra versatile and can be styled in cool, unexpected ways. Consider these 12 fresh ways to wear scarves plus our edit of must-have silk accessories. Touch up your look by softly knotting a silk scarf around your ponytail, wearing it as a head scarf, twisting it around your handbag handle or even wrapping a silk foulard around your wrist. Available in a stunning range of foulard designs, Shanghai Tang scarves are a tried and trusted accessory you can never own too many.

    Besides silk foulards and silk scarves, Shanghai Tang also offers a delectable range of woven and knitted scarves and shawls, lovingly crafted from quality Mongolian cashmere, wool and silk. The gauze scarves offer the fine balance between lightweight and warmth, making them a perennial favourite - wear them as a light wrap in chilly interiors in summer, as a light scarf in spring and pair with a jacket in autumn. For those seeking ultimate warmth, the chunkier knitted wool and brushed cashmere scarves and shawls offer the perfect wintry comfort to keep you snugly wrapped in the chilly season.

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