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Yuni Ahn for Shanghai Tang Collection

Collection II: XIN YI
Created by Yuni Ahn

Carrying on inspirations from the Pre-Fall 2021 Collection, Yuni Ahn once again fuses classic imagery found in Chinese aesthetics with cutting-edge design language, to create wardrobe pieces of modern vitality and elegance and to celebrate the poetic lifestyle of strong modern women.

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Chinese Colour Palette

Elegant and light, cyan is like the misty and sleepy early morning; rooted in earth, brown encloses a vastness that’s both tender and calm; pure and undyed, green lotus is a reminder of bright autumn moon; and red represents breathtaking moment when moonrise and sunset coincide. These seemingly traditional colors hold together the philosophical meanings of Chinese culture and add a warm, calm touch to the seasonal narrative of Yuni Ahn for Shanghai Tang’s Collection II.

Timeless Dudou

From the traditional belly-wrapping Chinese dudou to the Western-style halter strap, our dressing trends have always been evolving, yet they’re always able to find shared inspirations. Yuni Ahn presents a similarly-styled garment structure in the new collection. Coming with choker-style stand-up collar decorated with bamboo hardware buckles, the bold dudou top marks a new modern twist of the classic structure – chic, urban, versatile and compatible with all garments to help manifest one’s unique taste.


Across Collection II, modern qipao, lattice, bamboo and moon motifs make a creative impact.

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