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3 in 1 Baby Set

Shanghai Tang's selection of gifts for little ones are mini in size and HUGE in personality. From adorable outfits to baby shoes and knitted blankets, there's something for every kid's birthday, new born baby celebration and baby shower. We expect your shopping experience to be an awwww-inspiring one.

3 in 1 Baby Set Special Offer

This 3 in 1 Baby Set price will be based on equivalent amount of stores' currencies which HKD1,700/ SGD322/ USD240/ GBP170/ EUR197/ AUD322/ JPY26,714/ RMB1,700 and USD251 for international stores.

The promotion only applies to selected products in the 'Gifts for New Born Babies' section of our website.

It is eligible to enjoy the 3 in 1 Baby Set when you purchase Baby Playsuit/ Baby Blanket/ Baby Shoes at the same time, and the final price will be shown at checkout pages.

This promotion is NOT in conjunction with VIP 10% discount / birthday discount. Loyalty Programme cash voucher can be applied at checkout.

3 in 1 Baby Set cannot be returned whereas this set can be exchanged for other sizes.